Sunday, October 1, 2017

Tales of Ameria-Art poll

In addition to the Order of Light update going up on patreon, check that out if you wanna see more of it, before the public release in a week, Aggra and I are planning to get more game-art rolling out again;

Starting right up with a poll to determine what you guys would actually prefer to have art for, see this link!



  1. Hmm, Both title/Game over and NPC art are pretty close to each other.

    How's that gonna be handled?

  2. Bug Tales of Ameria 1.0c:
    - If you go to the strange shop with the orb, interact with the replay room, say no and leave the shop you are getting out of the wrong building.

    - If you go from the dormentry to directly to the hospital, I think it's the first or second workday, the char says "I have to talk to the nurse" and they game stops