Sunday, January 17, 2021

Forbidden Book 2.2 - The Maid Mansion

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With the evil Doctor Lextarius dealt with, it is finally time to search out for new evil guys! You will be able to enter the mansion of the evil scientist Sebastian, that uses Perfumes and Pheromones to turn girls into his horny little maids, ready to do his every bidding. To enter, you first have o talk to the maid in the middle of the New Mapleshire map and follow the little directions it gives you. You will then be able to complete the first map and make Aoi and her friends fall for the charms of Sebastian, there is currently no winning option for the map, not sure if I will make one.

he second map is playable, but only Alisa can be made to fall for his charms right now. The corruption window is working fine, though it only activates in new games, or once you return to Maple Shire from the base. It only works on the new map currently, I am still trying to make it work only through the variable, but currently I have a variable and a "hidden" character stat which I both have to play around with. xD


Next up/on the Patreon: a new lewd ending for Dark Recruitment!


Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Last Demonhunter Remastered 1.0

Link to the final Version here! 

Bugfixes, some cleaning, some DLC (Just different outfits for Ayla. Speak with the tentacle-merchant.. I am sorry you wont have a tentacle-pet following you but it was more work than it'd have been worth :() Whole game tested and confirmed to work from start to finish. .. hopefully, obviously you can break a game with this many interactions if you try hard, let me know if anything unfun comes up, if not, I thank everyone for accompanying me on a journey of 5 years and prepare to work on finishing Dark Recruitment next, yey!

If there's any further updates it will be patreon requests and potential bugfixes in the future, propably updated to this version.

Next up/on the Patreon:  Forbidden book 2.2 Now with 70% more maidpron!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Forbidden Book: Land of Science 2.1

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New Update, with the Japanese version. For the non-japanese there's some more content too however:

You will be able to get to Mapleshrine, the town where Elin lives and works, there is nothing to do in the city for now, so you will be ported to the Base immediately, from there you can go to quests and start two maps. One will be a fight with the Visor girls once more, if ya wanna fight them with the new char Sonya. The other map you will need to investigate a little town where one of the researchers forgot a little flower that causes trouble...


Next up/on The Patreon: TLDH Remastered version 1.0 (Bugfixed and fully finished!)

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Forbidden Book 2.0 -lnto the Land of science

Find the Game here

In the second chapter of the Forbidden Book, you will take on a quest in the country of Science, Kalnea. You will need to find some girls that have gone missing with out any clues and meet up with other adventures, only a second too late, as they are being brought away by strange girls with a Visor and peculiar suits. Will your girls be able to put a stop to their kidnappings, or will they fall victim to them as well?


Next up: Forbidden 2.1 with more japanese and some more content up next/On the Patreon!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Last Demonhunter 0.99

Complete version, basically, baring any cleaning and bugs that come up, find it here:

 I jumped 4 numbers, because I originally anticipated each ending taking me one release date, but I decided bundling them up made more sense, primarly because how'd you play through only one ending at a time?

This features 4 new true endings to the story, not extremly erotic, but with 12 new images done by 7th Heaven.

Anyway, below is a list of all TLDH endings.. I am open for Patreon input, by the way, on bugs, stuff you wanna see.. perhaps we can even the ending-number out a little bit, that's why this is not a 1.0 yet. :P

--- The Last Demonhunter Remastered ---

(bold endings are pimped up per patreon vote, yey!)

  1. Tentacle bait. -take more than one item from the tentacles
  2. All geared up. -take the symbiotic armor
  3. Slimegirl. -get defeated by several slimegirls
  4. Sushi. -keep talking to the old fisherman
  5. Mermaid sisters. -investigate the old fishermans hut
  6. Devoted worship. - pray at the shrine of the lost village
  7. Paying your respects. -look at the gravestone hidden south of Grayholme
  8. Plantslave. -Lose to the plantgirls twice
  9. Breederslave. -lose to the breedersprouts
  10. BabyBreederslave. -get impregnated 3+ times
  11. Feral catslave. -ignore the witches warning after being transformed
  12. Plantgirl Transformation- lose to the jungle corruption
  13. Infected. - lose to the tower infestors
  14. Nymphtalk. -get the nymphs advice
  15. Corrupted harem. -lose to the corrupted demonhunter
  16. Charming snakes. -lose to a lamia
  17. My responsibility. - Lose the Succubus trial halfway, take her in.
  18. Well Hung. -drink too much from the futa fountain
  19. Serpentine Love. - lose to the shemale lamia
  20. Dragons treasures - try to steal the dragons treasure
  21. Just a doll - lose to the Manequins in the haunted theatre
  22. Generic Bunny - lose against the ordinary guards of Graycity
  23. Fellow soldier - lose against general Neralim
  24. LPS - Lesbian pirate sister - Keep drinking with the captain at the Graycity Inn
  25. Piercing Joy - Keep Visiting the Piercing Parlour in Graycity.
  26. Novice Tea Heater - Talk to the fire elemental in the teahouse of Graycity
  27. Sudden adoption - Take a closer look at the teddy at the nuns house in Graycity
  28. Temple Maiden - Explore the Tsukuyomi temple without escaping
  29. Fertile Defeat - Recklessly attack the Druid  at the Dryadhain and lose
  30. Dryad Transformation I Attack the Druid to retrieve The Krakens orb but lose
  31. The new Druid -  Lose against the normal dryads
  32. Kraken playmate - Challenge and lose to the Dryad at the mermaid beach
  33. A new Siren- Investigate the sirens rock east of the mermaids beach
  34. Mermaid Sister - Lose to one one of the mermaids at their beach.
  35. Shroom’d - Lose against the Mushroom girls more than once.
  36. Special massage offers - Trust the odd merchant deep in the forest.
  37. Tentacle toy - Lose to a tentacle hunter
  38. Spider mother - Lose to the Tarantula girl and her spider husband
  39. Spider girl I - Lose against a wolfspider, be transformed during the fight
  40. Spider girl II - Lose against a wolfspider before even being transformed.
  41. Corrupting Eyes - Lose or submit to the many eyed Corrupted Demonhunter
  42. Futanari Corruption - Lose or submit to the Futa Demonhunter
  43. Horny Corruption - Lose or submit to the Feral Demonhunter
  44. Corrupting Bewbs - Lose to the Least Knight of Corruption
  45. Chimera - Fail to escape the Demonhunter Tower in time.
  46. Whats on your mind? - Fall to the Ilithid helmets.
  47. Bimbofied - Invade Gray castle unprotected one way or another.
  48. Bimbo Harem - Lose to Lord Gray
  49. Willing Bondage Slave - Don’t question Carmilla at all  or question her too much
  50. Bondage Zombie - lose more than once against the Zombie maids
  51. Part of the Horde - Lose against the zombie horde
  52. Ghostly Mindfuck - Lose against Lady Carmilla
  53. Escheris Corruption - Lose against Lady Escheris
  54. Your better half - Lose against Dark Ayla
  55. Good Puppy - Put on the strange necklace at the dogowners house in Silverpine
  56. Minotaur Secretary - Lose against the Major of Silverpine City
  57. Omegas bitch - Lose to the Werewolf Omega
  58. Packs bitch - Lose to the Werewolf Delta
  59. Betas Girl - Lose to the Werewolf Beta
  60. Werewolf Queen - Lose to the Werewolf Alpha
  61. Worker Drone - Lose to the Beegirls more than 5 times.
  62. Bee-Princess - Lose to the Bee-Queen
  63. Ice-Slut - Lose to the the Ice-demon guardian
  64. Yuki-Onna - Get lost in the icewastes
  65. Perverted Nun - Lose to a corrupted priest while having high corruption
  66. Harbingers toy - Lose to the Harbinger of Corruption
  67. Desertslut - Lose to the Desertguard
  68. Auction-slave 1 - Get auctioned off to the Succubus at the slave-market..
  69. Auction-slave 2 - Get auctioned off to the  Commoner at the slave-market.
  70. Auction-slave 3 - Get auctioned off to the Rich merchant at the slave-market.
  71. Mummygirl - Lose to one of the mummy girls
  72. Mummygirl II - Lose to tone of the mummy girls, but as Futa-Ayla.
  73. Path of the Pharaoh - Lose to the Pharaoh-Mummy
  74. Fox tribes slave - Lose to the Five-tailed fox.
  75. The Pharaohs Slut - Lose to the Pharaoh of the Desert City.
  76. Goblin-Slave - Lose to one of the Goblin-Slaveraiders
  77. Set in Stone - Lose to the Slavemistress of the Raiders
  78. Fairy Fun - Get transformed into a fairy and mingle on with them!
  79. A web of moths - Get trapped in the moth-webs too often
  80. Moth Lust-sluts - Get too close to the moths pheromone-Flowers too often
  81. Fairy slaves - Observe the trapped fairy-girls for too long.
  82. Like Moths to the Mothgirls - Lose to the mothgirl trio
  83. Come onto Mother - Read the cursed books before meeting with the Moth-Corruptor
  84. Glory to the Hive! - Lose to the Moth-Corruptor
  85. Moo… - Overindulge in the ~Miracle Milk!
  86. Milking it - Keep milking the farmers cows.
  87. A New Chimera - Lose against a Chimera Soldier of the Corruption
  88. Corrupted Mare - Lose against the Centaur-Corruptor
  89. Workout Slave - Lose to the Vampire Knight
  90. Vampire Slut - Become the Countess Slave in her castle
  91. Oniorgy - Lose more than once to the Onigirls in the demon-wastelands
  92. Dragon Mother - Be bred by all the different types of dragons in the world.
  93. Blue Sextoy - Be defeated by a Blue Succubus
  94. Green Sextoy - Be defeated by a Green Succubus
  95. Red Sextoy - Be defeated by a Red Succubus
  96. Pink Sextoy - Be defeated by a Pink Succubus
  97. Dear Sister - Lose your Rematch against Ashara
  98. Demonqueen’s pet - Lose to Princess Lilith
  99. True Ending 0 - All Hail The Demonqueen: Complete the Demonlands as a Succubus character
  100. Maid Slave - Get trapped in the Maids illusion in the Castle
  101. Choices Made - Surrender to Escheris willingly
  102. Champion of Evil - Lose in the final fight (evil alignment only)
  103. Dark Mother - Lose in the final fight(good alignment only)
  104. Sisters Surrender - Side with Ashara but lose the final fight
  105. Sisterly Love - Semi-true ending, Win with Ashara by your side.
  106. The Empress of Humanity - Win the Final fight with low good and high humanity
  107. The Queen of Monsters - Win the Final fight with low good and low humanity
  108. Demonhunters Restored - Win the Final fight with high good and high humanity
  109. The Last Demonhunter - Win the Final fight with high good and low humanity rate

---- Next up/ On Patreon: The Forbidden Book 2.0 update, yey!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Paraworld Heroes 3.3 - Final (For now!)

Get the game here


With this the current arc of the goblins will come to an end. You will be able to let the last three girls, Helena, Erica and Yuuni fall until the end. There is also the last end of the chapter which will wrap up the remaining little story.

This will be the last update to Paraworld heroes for the time being, enjoy!


Next up/ On the Patreon: The Last Demonhunter Remastered 0.99, aka in a pre-final version, yey!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Corrupting Revenge - Goddess of Destruction 

 In this release, we have just one more big map, featuring a 1v1 against the flame goddess Flerian. A duel in the great coliseum of the fire country, but there've also been updated to some of the girls designs, enjoy!