Monday, September 18, 2017

Another lil' Ameria update

Tales of Ameria 1.0c has a few more tiny bugs squashed, a questlog and is now available for Mac and Linux operating systems, yey! You'll find it in the page selection above.

Progress thingie: Aggra is working on the alternate paths in Order of Light, I'm working on the Desert-Bandits in TLDH (Though this week colleague is on holiday, so moar busy than normal!)


  1. Neat, hey if Aggra is looking at the Order of Light again I have a bug to report.

    In the Slave camp the game can lock itself when you enter a training scene. I think it can happen in regular play though i've only found it when warping, because i haven't done a full playthrough in a while.

    The glitch seems to happen because all the scenes for the training run off of a training variable which starts at 0. However i have found that the Rosa scene can happen almost instantly after entering, which reduces the training variable to a negative number.

    As the training scenes run off this variable starting at 0, when you are forced into a scene with a negative score the scene never activates leaving you stuck on a black screen forever.

    Anyway i a super hyped to hear that the Order of Light is getting an update at some point, i'm really excited to see what the other routes are like!

  2. Attempted to install Tales of Ameria on the Mac and ran into issues. Initially, there was a permissions error that prevented it from running. Mucking with permissions, I got it to run, but it hangs immediately on a white screen. Unsure if this issue is specific to my version of Mac OS or if it's a general problem.

  3. bug found in Ameria, the first shift event triggers and when Julia starts walking the path gets blocked