Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Order of Light Sintra path II

In the second and pre-last path of the Sintra-admirer route for the order you are sent out to deal with those pesky succubi by Sintra, who is unable to use her magic on them unless you dispatch her  minions. Theres one bad ending for each of the seven succubus elite guards you fail to overcome, enjoy!

Next week/Patreon update: The naughty pictur you voted on for Tales of Ameria and an update for The Last Demonhunter, completing the desert-area.


  1. y when the continuation of Dark Recruitment?

    1. Wrong topic and, patrons voted on it, TLDH comes first, so Dark recruitment I'd say somewhere end of novembre if you're lucky, middle of Decembre if not. Definitly not abandoned ofc.

  2. well you could for some images, such as those used in Last Demonhunter or the Tales of Ameria would improve the perspective of the game for those who do not understand English, and it would be more fun too

  3. Not quite sure where to post this so here it is. I started game from the beginning, mostly purity run and wrote down all issues I found so far:
    - (minor) Sister in the Order has different character portrait in combat and outside
    - Crash in the battle while corrupted: "Script 'Battle_Sys' line 289: TypeError. Can't convert Fixnum into String"
    - (minor logic error) Henry (man in village Niry) still says he will wait until the village is saved even after the village is saved.
    - (Not bug but recommendation) Harpies in the mountain: After first victory over them, do not repeat the After Battle Dialogue every time
    - When you wear the Miko Robes and the Full standing character pictures are shown there is also a nude picture of the character (ragdoll without clothes?) additionally to the normal pictures. A bit to the right and partially overlapped by Hilde's normal picture.
    - (minor) Guardian Forest (the first forest area) After looting Silver Chest and leaving and returning to the forest the chest is shown as closed again, but it can't be looted again.
    - (spelling error) In the Bad End after loosing to the Forest guardian: "Always eager to sever her..." should be 'serve'
    - (Not sure if bug) If you start a battle already wounded all the in-battle talks for the HP barriers are played at start of the battle. Every single battle.
    - (Spelling Error) Twice in battle with elf and dwarf after being Corrupted by Harvester demon in Barnia, back in the Order. It should be 'dwarves' not 'draws', and there was another missspelling of 'dwarf' i failed to write down.
    - (Wrong Character talking) Also in battle with elf Elvin and dwarf. The Elf talks about how she should be enslaved, calling her(-self) by name. Pretty sure that in instance either Hilde or Niltaru should say that line.
    - (Spelling Error) After defeating the Succubus in the Mayor's mansion in Barnia during interrogation 'Wizzard'
    - After freeing Barnia: Armor shop keeper changes shop inventory after the first time. The second selection looks very wrong. It has (besides a few items from before) Avalon (very powerful offhand item for Hilde) for 0 Gold, 2 items with empty name strings (placeholders?), succubus armor which changes Niltaru's looks to demonic form and a Blessed Armor/Robe which is stronger and more expensive than the items with the same name you could buy before.

    1. If only we had some place for bug reports, like in a link to the right. *chuckles* redirected all those bugs to Aggra, how they all get caught.

  4. I'm stuck at Bernstein. I turned all the guards into maid but I can not go anywhere after (when I say "all", it's also those in the building). I also transformed the innkeeper and the armored saleswoman into a maid.

    When I enter the item shop, I am teleported to the succubes.

    I can not leave Berntein or return to the castle.

  5. Hello, there are lot of bugs atm

    first in the beginn when u fight Hilde the game crash (only work when u hit Hilde down with 1 strike) error comes when shes on low HP


    when u get the maid outfit from the chest in the armory shop u cant finish Bernstein becourse u get teleport to a cristal where u need to look at it when u go to the catwalk quest and the 2 text all times repeat

    than there is a bug at the end where i can get in the tears dungeon or maybe its not unlockt jet

  6. @The bug-reports above: Please take a look if your bugs persist in the new/updated version of the game and holler at me if any of them do.