Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Order of Light - Sintra Path beginnings and Ameria Poll

Aggra begun finishing the alternate paths for Order of Light, beginning with Sintras admirer path. You can now continue on the tower, where you'll be sent to the 'maid castle' of Bernstein, enslaving the evil royal guard into maids for her. There are two possible bad endings along the way, so look out! Top link on the right.

Also, we got a poll for new lewd art for Ameria where you can pick the favourite scenes(As determined by patrons) to add full on hentaiscene art for, check out  This link to vote!

Update! Poll is closed, the hypnotic orb scene won out, in talks with artist right now!

Beyond that, there is an update for The Last Demonhunter up on the Patreon/Coming next week.. almost done with the desert area writeups!


  1. Teleporter on the tower doesn't work for me.

    1. Is that a persistant problem or something leftover from an older version?