Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas release

Hello there, Deva here, to tell you that, this year there wont be any more The Last Demonhunter releases, Sorry.

Well, unless you are a patron, then, for 5$+ You get a hopefully bug-free awesome holiday preview of the new game content, with 4 new bad endings and the completedish Grey city release, even leading on a little in areas beyond the city already.

Of course thats only for patrons and you can only view it that way, plus, because I'm greedy and mean I'm not telling you that if you badly want some more Demonhunter naughties this year you could simply go to Patreon, pledge 5$, get the new version, then stop pledging, before they withdraw the money at the end of the month. Who knows, perhaps you like the game enough to stay a Patron afterwards, but yeah, definitly not telling you that. 

Happy whatever kinda Holidays you happen to have, For me it is well encapsulated in this video: The Krampus Song



  1. Just downloaded it. Who is this Rubia in the picture? (;

  2. Have you guys ever thought of putting in some sort of OP weapon to make having to playthrough the game again and again less tedious?

    1. You know that you can use old saves right? That just doesn't work for reliable bugtesting.