Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Teammember

I want to officially welcome Finale to our little lewd game programming team, he has priorly helped with a little website stuff, but now helps me full time tinker on on the pictures in The Last Demonhunter, a long, ardous, and hopefully, in the end for you enjoyable task. While at it we are working on, despite delays by evil University exams, and the next release for TLDH will finally start to explore Grey City and add two new gameovers if you mess with the guards.

And yes, moar erotic art for the gameovers is coming too but.. work work work to make it more lewd! *hammers on the game* 

That was news broadcast with Deva, as always, questions and comments are welcome.


  1. Any idea of expected ETA for the next update? No pressure at all, truly (I'm wrestling finals rn lol) but that bug everyone's been getting is pretty game breaking. If the next full update isn't soon, any chance of a bugfix release? If you just wanna wait till the full release that's completely cool, I'm certainly in no position to judge or pressure or anything, I'm just honestly curious how things are coming.

  2. Hello Deva, I just recently started playing TLDH and it's interesting. I couldn't find the email for the team so I'll just ask on here. I was wondering if I could help with the development and hopefully become a member of the team, I don't know if you're looking for more but I'm an artist, specifically a character artist.

    1. pervyfantasyproductions@gmail(.)com (anti spam bot point! This is something better discussed in private. I'm happy to hear you out for the very least. ^^