Sunday, September 27, 2015

Order of Light 3.4.3

New update to the order:

Now you can Play the fortress till the end of it all, there is also a Scene with the succubus if you have not "converted" her with Niltaru. The game let's you Play till you saved the fortress and you can go to the demon land.

Also, sorry, no updates next week, due to evil exams. The week after will have a new TLDH update though. yay!


  1. thanks for your continued work

  2. Whenever I try to open the game i get greeted by a pop up that says "Unable to find VL gothic font".
    Interwebs hans't given me any answers.
    Any tips?

  3. Many bugs have been fixed, it's good to see. Congratulations.

    As against Bernstein ...: p

    bugs in the room maid sex are still there.

    So I remember:

    1) bug with the versions of Hildegard and Rosa. Regardless of the first choice and we choose Outside the second. After the explosion effect that shows ejaculation master, the effect remains on the screen in place of the characters. can move on the screen, and we see this effect move. This bug does not cause when it's Niltaru.

    2) the bug when we make this room again and our character on the screen becomes corrupted. This causes with all the characters. After the master chooses to splash us and tells us to go to the king, the screen goes black. We have a little discussion of the characters, we can always open the menu. We can also move our characters even changing area (leaving the room to go back to the great West corridor for example). But the screen is definitely black.

    I wanted to try something, but because of the black screen, I can not ^^

  4. as great as these two games are... Dark Recruitment is much more exciting. I've played TLDH and am not really anxious to play it again even if it does have updates... I know you're busy but that game is really the only reason I check out this blog (with fingers crossed).

    1. To each their own. I have worked on on Dark recruitment too, and.. well, if a lot of patreons demanded an update, or artwork for this they would surely get it, but usually people talk about the graphically more engaging TLDH. I enjoy either of my games, and don't begrudge anyone favouring one over the other.

  5. two bugs identified Bernstein. I checked before they existed in 3.4.1 and 3.4.2, but this is not the case.

    1) In the kitchen, when one refuses to clean at lunch and dinner, after discussion with the Head Maid, crash the game. But the game does not crash at breakfast.

    2) After dinner, leaving the room. The opening three rows, and when we reach the next screen, the placement of the characters on these rows changes depending on where you go out (Niltaru leftmost, center, or right). Regardless of the placement, there are only Niltaru jutting during the event where we meet for the first time the sister of Rosa (when we see Mark out of his room). Rosa and Hildegard are blocked at the door opening. When this causes, nothing works, not even the Esc key.

    1. Have you found a fix to the second bug?