Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Order of Light 3.7.1

-Added a slave market area, though right now only the cursed route is acessible, other routes default to cursed.
-Implemented the often requested 'skip' option, allowing you to skip to major parts of the game

Next weeks lewdity: Moar updates to the Order as Deva moves around.


  1. What's the deal with the download speed all of a sudden?
    30 minutes for 170mb? I've never had that problem before.
    Anyways, keep up the great work mate! And any idea when the next demon hunter update will come out?

    1. Accidentially uploaded a folder of the game in itself, doubled the filesize, already fixed.

  2. Is there a bug in the nun fortress?
    I have gotten up to the point where as Niltaru, you poke holes in the mask and corrupt the non corrupted nun. As well as enslaving Felicia, but the high priestess then tells me to go do my other job. I have walked around every possible area and tried every door and talked to every nun, but it has not continued the story.

  3. I ran into a couple of bugs with the skip option. If you skip to the elf forest it procs the scene with Tear and Hilde being teleported then went to the scene in the demon realm where you first meet Tear and freezes. The other bug was if you skip to the demon prison it won't let you move.

  4. I used the skip option to go to the Maid Castle and the Nun Fortress. With the Castle, it kept raining even when I went into the city and the inn and when I picked the Fortress, Niltaru walks up until she hits the mountains and just stops, not allowing me to move.

  5. There seems to be a bug with the skip option when ever you load into a over world map that takes your onto the second island the rain is on forever and the if you skip to post arteria they move up and left and then say lines pre mountain spirit and if they can't move up and left they freeze unable to do anything.