Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Last Demonhunter - Remastering WIP

Little preview, click to enlarge. The area is also a lot bigger, but this way you can compare it better side by side. Obviously the encounters in the werewolf forest have been reworked too, with 3 new gameovers, 2 of which will be in version 0.53.
Little preview for TLDH 0.53 on the left is the map in the original game, on the right the remastered version. 


  1. Where can we download the original game?

    1. Theres a link under 'other pervy stuff' but I recommend you play the remastered one only.

  2. there appear to be 2 sets of blessed armour purchasable with different stats, the better set has no picture for the avatar who appears naked, error messages pop up in shops and the window size changes