Saturday, September 24, 2016

Full Game: An Elven Tale II

Update: Make sure to re-download it. So programming is fun, I wrote everything perfectly, but capitalized the 'Set variable X' in the wife part. It looked as if it should work like the other paths and I tested only one of them.. Anyway, bugfix update is up!

The second part of my little CYOA series (Never planned it as a series, but apparently, now it is!) involving elves in a multitude of lewd, submissive situations. Larger than Elven Tale I and with pwetty picturez, this one features, in order of quantity: Futa/Female, Futa Dominant, Female Dominant, Mind control,  Sluttification, Pet play, Bondage/Submission, Transformation, Impregnation; with a total of 5 main characters, with 10 endings, Endinglist:
1. Beast of Burden
2. Luriels Pet
3. Kiriens Lover
4. Kiriens Slut
5. Ariens Bondage Slave
6. Magic overdose
7. Some of Everything
8. The Orcs Farm
9. The Orcs Harem
10.The Orcs Family

Not giving away more, have fun playing it and hunting for all the endings! 

Important note 1:  Uploaded on mediafire because the online version would not display any pictures. I'll soon edit in an own page for the Elven tale series and include an online link without picsies.
Important note 2:  Sadly, the one making the pictures for this game kind of.. poofed and I couldn't reach them for over a month, so sadly its not completely image'd up. (I wanted to release it at a certain point, because if you put these things on the backburner they end up never getting finished.)

Next Week: More Order of Light stuff coming up!


  1. Is there a way to beat the game? feel like its bugged, tried pretty much every choice in the interrogation

    1. There is but. ugh, one bug still in the system, sneak edit incoming. :P

  2. Loved it!
    Unfortunately, the "Orcs Family" ending keeps reading as "Some of everything" for me. T.T
    "Orcs Farm" ending was damn good though ^.^

  3. Ending 10 is supposedly achievable by making the girls your lovers, right?
    Well, I tried that, paying extra attention to pick the right answers, but I still got Ending 7.
    Is this a bug or is Ending 10 a combination of different answers?
    All other endings work just fine.

    1. Weird. if you followed the path proper the variables act up properly. The code works too else you'd not get any endings but 7. hmnnn.. bugs are mean.

    2. I opened the file in Firefox and noticed this red error message. It occurs with each girl.

      No macro or passage called "Set"

      Hovering over it shows part of the script.


      So there's probably something about Firefox not being able to read this order the way it should.
      Meaning the counter for wife is still 0 for me.

    3. I pretty much was only able to get ending 7 no matter what I did after the captain showed up to interrogate the orc.

    4. I also saw this in red if you choose "lie" in the personal plan phase of the interrogation "<> bad condition: $lie is lte 1"

    5. When I try to make the elves my lover, I get this error:

      No macro or passage called "Set"

      I think you've capitalized "set" in the code: <>

    6. I know that other final endings other than 7 are acessible, because I tested it and got to the 'All naughty' ending myself. That said, It is quite possible that a typo or other simple detail mixed things up, I shall take a looksie for the wife ending path.

    7. Oh.. maybe you could try redownloading the file again?

    8. I redownloaded the file but I still have the same error. I also tried four different browsers and each show the same message as above.
      Seeing how others have the same problem, it seems like it's because of the code.
      Are you opening the file in your developer tools? It's possible you have a program/plugin that makes the code work for you but not for us.

  4. Super cool game. I assume a part of the idea was to try a new art solution as well. I can say that It definitely worked well.