Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Last Demonhunter 0.50

Little late release, I had a social and some RL stuff on saturday. Anyway, here you go with:

-New Hentaiscene in the library of the Jade tower, drawn by 7th Heaven
-New fight and Gameover when trying to go to the mainland-bridge
-Began remastering Silverpine City (Completely new look but most buildings still inacessible)
-More portraits added to Graycity
-Bunch of bug and inconsistency fixes as well as updates to skills and items, lotsa new items made, shops coming soon

Also, finally added the book-counter thats priorly been so static in the menu, the reason for it counting only specific books will be revealed.. in due time.  

Next release: Filling Silverpine City with moar life. Lewd life. 


  1. We're do you download for mobile

    1. Theres an early version for mobile, but due to lack of interest and legal concerns I stopped it. Long story short, while I plan to do different in the next game, TLDH is restricted by The engine resources it uses, which have a limited license agreement, bla bla, legal bullshit, they're not supposed to be used on anything but windows.

  2. Odd bug I noticed.

    When I opened the two treasure chests in the Ghost Mansion, it said I got 250G and a lesser potion, but neither was added to my inventory.