Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ranting.. and a preview!

Heya folks.
Sometimes, you just wanna rant a lil, and ranting with others is fun.. dun worry, it pertains to this lewd little thing we got going on. 
So, long story short, I delete comments. The biggest reason for that is double posting, usually, I presume, internet hiccups, or people that don't realize I got comments set to approval first.
Next one is less fun, but necessary. If you post something that I know to be wrong, or thats just.. posted completly out of place.. I delete it. I can't really contact you in response, so take this post as my response:
Sorry, but if you find a bug in version 0.43, I know it'll be fixed in 0.45, but you post it under the main page of the game, that'd just mislead people that read that comment before playing the game, as soon as any future version is out.  I'm ok with bugs posted under the version they happened in, or on any forums, or.. the actual bug tracker, but if you post something out of context, where I don't even know 'Hey, was this from 3 versions ago and is already gone or is this a new thing?' .. I wont post it, cause it'll just create confusion. I hope you understand my logic, not trying to censor anyone.
By no means am I telling you not to bug report, the more I get, the more efficently I can turn this into a great game, but.. the more effort you put into a bugs report, the less I have to put into fixing it, and that also means posting it where it belongs. Its important for me to know where and when, don't just hit the blog button, hit the right game tab on the top, then post away. :P

Another thing to rant at are artists I try to hire. If I say I wanna pay you 100$, no, that doesn't mean I want to pay 120, nor does it mean I wanna pay 60, I'm offering 100 because thats as much as I want to pay, but also the level of quality art I wish for. I mean, geez, I know you wanna get business, but I get dozens of artists for job offers, more the higher money I offer, but over half of them just don't even fit my interests, and its not cause I can't write a comission info right, done this a few times by now.

Oh, and while I'm ranting, FUCK Mosquitos, and fuck Neighbours that think 'oh yeah, lil decorative lake in my garden, that'll be swell!

Anyway, to any who sat through the rant, and the naugthy people that just scrolled past, heres a preview of the lewdities I just finished for the next release, cheers!


  1. That fucking art is top notch mate keep doing you, considering becoming your patreon

  2. Well, without patrons I couldn't have this kinda art. Sadly, Aya, the one that drew this is currently incapacitated, but when they're back in the game I'm likely to poke them for more(long as my RL finances look good)
    To do me you'd have to come to germany first though.

  3. Good shit man, keep up the good work.

  4. Can we get more rant updates? This was interesting.

    1. *chuckles* I don't want to come over as whiny. Not the reaction I had expected though. :P.

      Theres not that much to rant anyway, unless I include annoying rl stuff as well.

  5. Heyo, just wanted to say: great game!
    I was looking for something to keep me busy whilst VH laying low with it's updates but this game is way better than I expected.
    Just one tiny question: I'm kind stuck at the old tower because I can't beat ...... no matter what, I even tried leveling 4 times yet she still kicked my ass.
    Am I missing something or should I do something else first?