Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekly releases and Patreon goal/reward updates

Good News everyone, thanks to suggestions, and moreso the amazing amount of support on Patreon we can upgrade our Goals to reach for things I had not thought possible, like partially animated naughty scenes.
We have decided to further reward and encourage our patrons with an early release of the game, 1 week before the update will be publicized, for $5 patrons upward. We feel, as you made a lot of things possible for us, you deserve this special acknowledgement.
Every one else can of course get the same game the patrons got, just with 1 week of delay.

We will also now set in stone our weekly release schedule, 1 update for the game/week, obviously, the content may wary from release to release.
Releases will happen saturday(though, if we struggle to bugfix something, might move a little, pls don't hurt us)

This weeks release will be delayed for all but patrons, allowing us to set up the schedule, as well as polish things.

As always, any questions and suggestions are welcome,


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