Saturday, June 20, 2015

TLDH - Remastered - Version 0.2.0:

New version of the game released, check it out on the tfgames site.

Is ready for the playing, with these awesome additions:
- Fixed the Slime Warding Gem, now can be equiped.
- Fixed cutscene when Ayla is a catgirl and displays a normal sprite.
- Fixed typos.
- After Demonhunter Tower cutscene fully implemented.
- Added the PlantGirl Game Over.
- Added the Breeder Sprout Game Over.
- Added the Nymph Game Over.(might still have slight evil bugs)
- Added Succubus transformation.
- Added Futa transformation + Bad end
- New numeration for the Endings. Now they are in chronological order.
- New endings: Ending 66 (5) - How the Fishes do it.
- Clarified trial ending writeup.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

P.S. Changed the blogs font to hurt the eyes less.


  1. Love the game so far. Just played it for the first time yesterday. I love the transformations and in-battle seductions.

    But I did encounter a bug that crashes the game:

    Version: The Last Demonhunter - 0.2.0 (Without RTP)
    Message: "Unable to find file: Graphics/Faces/AylaSuccubus"
    Trigger: Attempt to access the menu after being given cat ears by the witch in the forest
    whilst wearing the succubus armour.
    Speculation: I'm guessing it's caused by a conflict between the succubus and cat transformations?

    1. Already know of that. its caused by a class deletion in the wake of streamlining/planning future content.

    2. I have another bug report:

      At the top of the demonhunter's tower, there's a door to the left. If you enter, Ayla finds that that she cannot proceed any further than the entryway due to some invisible force. However, she thinks that the Nymph might know how to get past it.

      But there are three problems with this:

      1. You can just walk through the pillars to the left or right of the doorway as if they weren't there and explore the room to your heart's content.

      2. I hadn't actually been to the basement, so Ayla shouldn't have known of the Nymph's existence. Her remark about the nymph makes no sense if you haven't met the nymph.

      3. If I then go to the basement, the game ends up getting stuck and I have to exit and relaunch, possibly because I skipped the original Nymph scene.

  2. Sorry if this has already been asked but in the future will there be different portraits in the menu to reflect the different transformations? and will there be any abilities unique to the transformations? They seem to be just cosmetic for now.

    1. yes and yes, though the extend of things will vastly wary.