Saturday, June 6, 2015

TLDH - Remastered - Version 0.1.8:

New version of the game released, check it out on the tfgames site.

Now with 300% more tentacles, thanks to the awesome work of Eldrik.
The new tentacles are part of our Tier 4 Goal, Tier 3 is currently in the works, Patrons can check our feed for some preview art. 
Also, added a new fancy game over image, always thanks to Eldrik, concluding our Tier 2, thanks for making all these possible folks!

- New Game Over and New Tentacle animation, thanks to all patrons!
- Added New Endings, n° 65 and 67. (Ending 66 still working, coming in the next release)
- Added Succubus Trial.

Known bugs, still being worked on: 
- Some old portraits for Ayla.
- Old portraits for Miay.
- Demonhunter class not complete yet.
- Menu not finished yet.
- Some sprites are a little affected by "exotic" pixels from copypasting them.

Release done :) Enjoy finding the new contents ;)

Thanks everybody for helping us to make an awesome game!

See ya soon ;)

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