Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tales of Ameria 0.1f

Tried to fix a picture shading related lag issue for some people.

I have also added two new bad ends into the game.
One can be started at the secret shop where the second most
right shelf now has an Item you can get when you visit
it for a second time. The ring you recieve then will
start it's event after using it(only in the dorm room).
It will take some time for each event to take effect. To
stop the whole process you can use it again.

The other event will be available at the agency where the
event with Klaus is now extended to result in a bad end.
Just talk to him after your shift ended a few times
and it will progress on his path.

Next up: Deva is hammering on an update to TLDH, focusing on some moar lewdities.


  1. "It will take some time for each event to take effect."

    I've encountered a bug there. For the ring, all events but the last one occur at once. After Julia claims Lina would be a suitable mate for her new "enhancement", Julia's sprite ends locked on top of her bed. Unable to break free, thus soft-locking the game.

    As for the bathtub, sometimes, Julia's sprite will end up locked inside the bathtub if no corruption event occurs, also soft-locking the game.

  2. Hey Ehm, so I played some of this game, but there is this glaring issue where you absolutely cannot go to sleep after your shift. Did I miss something? do I need to do something specific in order to end the day? Im fairly sure the game didnt say ANYTHING about that if I have to. THe only way I found to end the day was by Talking with klaus repeatedly, but this leads to a bad end after a few days. I would really appreciate if you (or anyone who reads this) can give me some hints. Besides all that, I really like the amazing brainwashing themes in this game.

    (oh I just remembered, sometimes the full body picture doesn't disappear correctly, for example, when you go to the chief and it asks you if you really want to go in and you answer no)

  3. The bed has 2 tiles. Check the upper one so you can trigger the sleep secuence.

  4. where is this secret shop?