Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dark Recruitment 0.31

Dark Recruitment features 9 added pictures and a continuation of the story at the tower of Lady Bathory where you will face and.. potentially, be overcome by her guardian. Enjoy! If unsure, I recommend playing from the beginning, as I added artworks all over the place, all done by Dark Oshigan.

Next up in Dark Recruitment: The Tower of Lady Bathory, I think I'll build in a little lewd trap before you get to face the leader of the forces that invaded your village for their Dark Recruitment on her home turf. Also, tossed some moar screenshotz like what you see above on the gamepage and update progress.

Next up on the blog: A new release for Tales of Ameria by Aggra, as I am a busy right now.


  1. {chill} its not working at all cant play it a code got fucked up is what it keeps saying or something like that can you fix it?

    1. But.. its Twine, aka basic HTML code, theres almost no ways it can fuck up if you can acess this website.