Friday, August 26, 2016

Dark Recruitment 0.24

-Typo fixed and cleanwrote everything up till current content, which was just as much fun as it sounds like. But hey, now it should be legible-ish.

-Added shortcuts for people that got stuck or don't want to hammer through it all again.
-Continued the storyline and  content. Next update for this game will have moar lewdities, promised.

(Note: Small Bugfix update!)

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Next up: Got a close family marriage thing going on soon, so no promises, busy busy rl times. Still planning to hammer on Silverpine City moar soon.


  1. bug report: after using (To Zilinas awakening) short cut on first page then the (look at yourself) command to the left u get

    Taint: 0%
    Strength: 0

    You are Rasha C. Undon, a priest about to tell these youngsters a story that might one day save if not their freedom then at least their life.

    even after continuing story line it does not change to zilinas profile.

    1. oh derp a derp this is why I hate making shortcuts. Will fix quickly.

  2. I Can't figure out how to get past the tournament, please help.

  3. Sry, but what IS Dark Recruitment after all? = o