Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Last Demonhunter 0.42

-New area with Ilithid merchant and extended bad ending. Hidden in the northeast of the continent.
-Improved grinding mechanics! Try hunting down all monsters of a specific kind to unlock secrets, including a new sexy scene.
-Remastered Desert entrance with new companion added (for now not much more than an intro.)
-Minor polishing, New combat music, small sprite updates, in the process of updating writing
-Improved dirty jokes
-Bunch of more bug fixes, big and small, typo fixes, Druid should work now, balancing, ...

Next up: Giving the Order of Light some love too! 

Also, seems people like polls. Have another one. 

See, I've gotten some complaints about the battle message dialogue, it gets a little annoying after a while, which I anticipated before ever publically releasing this rework so.. theres.. a tool to turn it off, has always been, it got its own info on the intro, but if someone skips the intro, and avoids checking out their items, then they miss it. The question is.. how prevalent is that. Should I drop a note about the Battle Message off tool so obvious no one can miss it, or would that breakt he game flow for people, and is it only a vocal minority that wants to skip through the game so much they even skipped more.. skippedy skipping things. *chuckles* Vote below:

Click me gently


  1. I feel like I should leave some feedback because the options of whether I knew about the skipping tool or not isn't really clear.

    I did know about the skipping tool. I'm a veteran of RPGs, so I would have discovered it when rummaging through my menus even if the intro hadn't clued me in. I could absolutely see less experienced players missing out on that info.

    But that's not even the bigger issue. We play through the game for the naughties. If we turn the text off, we're missing out. Now, maybe that's okay if it's the 100th slime girl fight... But what about when we finally decide to progress the story and run into some plant girls for the first time? Oops, I missed that text because it was turned off.

    Easy solution, you say, just turn it back on. Two problems - what if we accidentally run into a unique fight? Then we have to reload the game just to see the text again... And also, so much menu digging...

    Neither problem is game-breaking, but it is a hassle. Enough of a hassle that I'd just as soon not even have the text-skipping tool. That said, starting a fight at low health and button mashing through text to get to a fight that I'm just trying to stomp my way through anyway can be aggravating.

    Possible solution: maybe the text-skipper only skips text you've seen before? You'd need to add a bunch of switches/variables to the events, but I think it would be the most streamlined solution, from a player's perspective.

    1. and how do you define 'seen before?' *chuckles* Yes, I'd have to add a bunch of variables, and is that worth it? only a small, vocal few actually see this as an issue, see the poll.

      In the time It'd take for me to program an exeption for ALL the dialogue, I could program a lot of naughties.

    2. Maybe my first line wasn't clear, but I was trying to point out that the questions on your poll don't really allow for very accurate feedback. I wonder what the response would be if you asked whether or not the text skipping tool is worth using?

      Likewise, apologies for not more clearly defining what I meant by text you'd seen before. Here, I'm referring to In-Combat event messages for a particular troop which had already triggered once during the game. The solution would be to add a variable/switch after a given event that marks whether the text has already been seen. At the top of the event, add another condition that checks whether the variable/switch is 'on', and then check whether the text skipper is 'on', and then skip the text. In so doing, you don't miss new scenes if you leave your text-skipper on.

      I hope that was clearer.

    3. Is there a speed txt on this? I have seen a few games implement it using the "ctrl" key when there is loads of story to wade through. That would be a happy medium for when you get spammed on starting a fight with low health.

    4. Is it worth it? VERY.

    5. .. I don't understand your point. The skipping tool is clearly something requested, and desired by people. There is no point to your suggested pool question, the way you phrase it 90% + people would say 'worth using? sure, even if I don't use it I'm sure others would, totally woth it.'

      Anyway I'll implement a little .. hint about the battle messages tool soon.

      And what if a player flees from an enemy? That'd permanently lock them out of the messages.

    6. You know what, though err.. other anonymous commenter (cant reply individually, silly blog thingie :P ) skip option is little work to add, and may just hush the folks poking me all about. :P

  2. What causes the 'You feel smaller, ti-hi' description in the examiner (I noticed it after a while, but can't figure out what might have added it), and does anyone else have the aesthetic issue that defeating monsters adds to the books read counter rather than the monsters slain one?

    1. Thats some old/buggy variable. Fixing in next version.

  3. It may be that i am doing something wrong but i can't get the merchant bad end i get the helms and put them on and sometimes will get all three enslaved some times not but after all three are enslaved nothing happens.

    1. Uhmm.. its a complicated event, but.. unless you tell me what goes wrong when you do X can't help you.

    2. what happens is i will put the helm on rose then once her enslavement is done she attempts to put it on miay, and i let it but no scenes for miay happen. Or one of the times i actually got all three enslaved and it said awaiting new orders nothing happened after it.

    3. I see, will take a looksie, planning a bugfix release soonish.

  4. First off, very nice update, looking forward to exploring Greyskull Castle in the next update... dunno if its called that, too lazy to actually check :P

    About the Poll with the repeating lines, I think the best way to deal with it, is to tell a new player right at the start of their quest that these things exist.

    Maybe have Ayla review some of the things her sister taught her, including a mythical spell, allowing her to ignore an enemys taunts to purely focus on her battles ?

    A couple concerns of mine:

    Succubus path:
    The hp difference between Succubus, and true demonhunter is pretty extreme. Additionally I find the abilities from the Demonhunter way more usefull
    (tru smite for da win, heal affects any group members), exept maybe in single enemy boss battles.(and even then I would rather have +1k hp more)

    I understand that its hard to cater to all of our greedy wishes, but I would greatly appreciate some more context in that regard. Especially as the transformation to a full succubus is still incomplete (gimme them wings).
    I assume that a full transition may only occur when going to the demon Lands (wherever they may appear in the future) but it would be nice to see some continued effects of your transformation and not be stuck with a different, weaker "skin".
    It is entirely up to the player to loose to the town succubus, so if I choose this path I would "expect" a different experience. A nice start would be for guards to reckognize you when you aren't disguised and try to attack you.

    Wolf spider:
    I faintly remember a picture of the wolf spider girl and Ayla, who had some sort of black stuff all over her.
    Can we expect to see that in the near future ?

    Also, is there just one wolf spider in the entire area ?
    Walked all over the other nets after she jumped me in the 1st one, but she never showed up again.
    Did I spank her bottoms too hard ?

    Update the Character faces in the text boxes ?

    Additional combat messages ? (Myai rallying Ayla to try harder when she is close to loosing, Rose berating her not to be so weak ?) IGNORE THIS, IT WOULD (probably) GET OLD FAAR TO QUICKLY

    Combat music:
    Gotta be honest here,
    my opinion is subjective, other people may disagree, but I found it... odd. In a not good way :/

    So far its looking pretty good. I cant wait to play castle crasher... or raid some pyramids I guess...

    Anyways, keep up the good work. :D

    1. Lets see: A lot of stuff, so excuse if I don't respond to all in detail.
      I guess adding a line about a 'mythical spell' could work. *chuckles* I find it kinda odd that you in the same comment ask for more combat messages and want to make it clearer to turn off.

      I also find it odd you ask for more stuff and context, yet don't even pay close enough attention to remember the name of the castle, can't have your cake and eat it.

  5. -Improved dirty jokes

    This is the best new feature.

    Also, how do you get a futa PC? I assume it has something to do with the futa demon hunter but the only thing I could get out of that was a bad end.

    1. *chuckles* that is one way, but you may want to explore even hidden areas in the game for the futa-change.

  6. The game's still a bit enjoyable even if the Gameover H-scenes are just mostly text. But i expected as mush since its still incomplete. What annoys me though were the druid in the kraken orb loops. In separate saves i tested each choice in that questline and still the druid loops. Is it still unfinished, or i am just plain wrong and it bugged out. The same goes to the miko temple that all i get is a badend. Is the miko temple a badend deadend or can they be beaten? Can you please help me in this? Also are there any Hscenes here that does not involve badends?

    1. Well, unless you are more specific what precisely the bug is, we cant easily track it down. It should be fixed in the newest version.
      Miko temple can be beaten, yes.
      Yes there are scenes and more coming. Artists need time to draw, and I need money to live, and pay the artists *chuckles*

    2. Sorry for being a bit unclear on my earlier post in looping druid thing. I will now try to be clearer.

      -Druid and mermaid dilemma
      -i go to mermaid area and given a quest to obtain Kraken orb
      -i go to druid area and defeat the druid and got the option to exchange the orb with a plant the mermaid have.
      -went back to mermaid area and obtained the plant
      -but when i turned in the plant to the druid, the druids dialogue looped back on when i am going to fight the druid.

      -So the miko quest can be beaten... can you give a hint as to how? please.

    3. Will look into it. Theres a hint already in the game. talk to the non miko.

  7. the game itself got potential so far..but need alot/bit(I dont know) to fix, some content are old need to be updated(yet I enjoyed), others game that I play never have sex scene(with pics) like this one (some yes but overall) only thumbs up for that...I hope in a future update got scene that the main heroin(?) got fully corrupted(bad end route lead maybe)..I have may ask too much this and that >_< sorry, I love this game cause it is different from that I have play before( sorry bad grammar not my 1st language)
    that all my feedback for now,Keep it up

  8. Hey just wanted to let you know that after completing the abandoned tower and waking up at the family farm, Rose and Miay switched spots on the party roster and their affections are different. It seems the affection is tied to the spot in the party, I have a save before that thankfully, and I don't know if you knew this or not as I just discovered this game, but I thought I'd let you know.

    Love this game btw excited to see more.

    1. It is, will be fixed on saturday, its tied to the menu, and glad you enjoy things. ^^