Sunday, August 2, 2015

TLDH Remastered - V 0.2.5

This weeks update, with only slight delay.. its still on the weekend, it counts! Our programmer was finally sucessful in their RL jobhunt, so we had a little delay.

- New Menu visually complete, including pages for companions. (some further features will be added in the future)
- Fixed skills in the menu
-Small rebalancing and improvements to the easy mode.
-Started remastering of Greycity and the theatre:

- Added a new area: "Gray City Countryside".
- Added a new area: "Bridge to Gray City".
- Added a new area: "Gray City". (Incomplete)
- Added a new area inside Gray City: "Theatre". (Incomplete)

Next up: We'll do some writing remastering, expanding existing naughties in several areas and finally start adding the Lamia naughties.

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