Saturday, July 11, 2015

Delayed update

A weekly schedule sure is challenging to maintain. Sorry, no update this week, just not enough warranting an entire new upload of the game.
To make up for this, have a preview of the upcoming Lamia enemy, you'll be able to encounter her in the -> Jade tower, where she will attempt to mind control and snuggle the heroine, as well as in an upcoming area, the swamp. Made by Diesel as well.

I am evil Update eater Lamia.. I ate the update. muahahhaa!


  1. Lamia's are actually quite dangerous in close combat. I can see this enemy will be like those bulbous plant creatures that try to inseminate Ayla in that they will entangle her a lot. Although I have a question. Is it possible to add a special crushing damage to a grapple attack that pins you? I'm just inquiring because a constrictor can and quite often does crush the life out of its prey. I've basically each time the prey breathes out the coils get tighter and tighter against them making it impossible to get air in. As a result of this tightening of the bindings you can have bones start to dislocate and it generally leads to a quite painful death.

    As a last bit to add to my comment I thought I would link a manga that I found to be highly appropriate for this post.

    Enjoy! xD

    1. aaww that comic, is adorable. knew already, but still.

  2. actually, I go more the mind control/poison angle.. at least with the one whos picture you see here.
    We also have a more physical one.. but see the patreon for that bit.

    The main reason is that I don't want to go too repetitive. As for additional damage while constricting.. might just steal that idea.