Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Forbidden Book -English version

Good news first, the almost fully translated Forbidden Book, by Aggra, in english!

At the graduation party of our heroes the king is overthrown by his queen. Can our hero and his friends overcome this crisis or will they too fall into the evil queens hands? 
There are two chapters in this new strategy game and ALL of the over a dozen characters can be enslaved if they end up with too low health in the first chapter. 
The second chapter focuses on a brainwashing enemy, forcing our heroes to to their bidding. More to come if people enjoy this game!

Now.. the bad news. The Databank did -not- like being translated and burned out on us. So see this more as a.. concept-test game that will -not- be finished or bug-fixed. You can use the save-file to acess the second act. 
If you enjoy this kinda game, make sure to let us know. Bug reports, while appreciated on other projects are sadly pointless however, again, Database was mean. We could -either- try and fix this.. or start a bigger project inspired by this, and Aggra would rather do the latter. 

Coming up soon on the Patreon: Next version of TLDH, as soon as europe stops being too hot to write lewds all day. .. <.<


  1. This game has an amazing concept and i really enjoyed playing it. In truth though it really is better as a concept game than as an actual start of a game.

    It really doesn't work as a strategy game, the whole point of strategy games is that if the player makes the correct choices they can win without the involvement of luck. This game just doesn't quite have that.

    The player just doesn't have the tools to control combat well enough and the dodge rate is significant enough to make planning difficult.

    A big issue is that healing is basically non existent (it's probably a glitch but in chapter 2 Minerva gives you weapons and empties you inventory of everything else so you lose your healing wands) even without that healing is still a bit too rare.

    Compounding this issue is the automatic counterattacks, because every enemy takes at least 2 attacks to kill (as do your characters usually) it means that you can't avoid enough damage to proceed without going below 4 hp and getting brainwashed.

    I am aware that you can attack archers and melee units without being countered if you do it right but it doesn't help much as you can't kill enough enemies in a single turn to avoid taking a lot of damage.

    I really like the idea of your units getting brainwashed at low hp but it's a bit broken. Units that get brainwashed have a tendency to fight each other and because they only heal 5 hp per turn and they attack each other 4 times (in the worst case scenario) for more than 5 hp each time and the effect refreshes each time they hit 1 hp...

    well it lasts a LONG time, and as you have no healing or method to help your units you can't do anything about it. You can't even body block them to separate them as they are still your units so they can walk through you.

    Also you need more tactical options, the ability to defend for reduced damage would be very useful, status effects so you can stun, poison, debuff tough enemies could be neat. Even something like damage bonuses from flanking enemies would be great.

    As it is though when you can only move and attack it's really hard to win.

    Having said all that though i love the story and the way the mechanics work, the enslavement stuff is great and i would love to see a game based on this.

    Thanks again for making it.

    1. *Chuckles* Long comment, short answer: Yeap, it's a concept game, the next one will definitly be more planned out.. already gathering art assets for it, as a matter of fact!

  2. Do what you feel like doing. I enjoy the games your team makes.

  3. I like the idea of Fire Emblem style game with more "fun" elements added on top of it. With some extra content and balancing I can see this being a very fun game to play. It would also be fun to play as bad guys in a game like this, where you try to capture and turn enemies to your side.

  4. Defeated every enemy in "Friends in Need" but game did not progress.
    Maybe it was supposed to be unwinable? If so it was too easy to win.
    With the main villain slain I'll just consider it a non-standard early happy end and call it a day than.

  5. have been download the game from the day it released, but keep forgetting to comment. Anyway, this game is gonna be good i think, please complete it! The corruption system is great but i don't know how it gonna be if the game will be several arcs long. i mean if your all friend corrupted and you actually beat the first arc, your friend back only to be corrupted by the same way i think it gonna be weird. well anyway, i'm sure you'll find the way.
    and one question: will this game be H game??

  6. Am I missing the download link somewhere? I can't seem to find it...

    Searched the site, probably just missing something and being silly... Sorry