Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dark Recruitment update and a poll.

First of all, an update to my Dark Recruitment game, with one new lewd ending and a story continuation up to the confrontation with Mistress Bathory in her tower. The game-story is picking up speed now!

Next up for me, I'll be working on TLDH's naughty fairy encounter.

Also, Aggra made a poll for the second episode of Tales of Ameria, asking which monstergirls you primarly want featured, you can find it Here


  1. [chill] hey umm anyone still doing things on here its been sometime and no one seen anything new?

  2. Sure. Just Aggra is busy with Ameria and gamemaking takes time. Compared to most gameblogs I'd say this one is pretty active with 1+ update a month.