Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Order of Light: Alternate ending paths and Tales of Ameria art update

Whats up everyone, bigger update after a little while of silence, I most definitly did -not- forget to make a public update after bugfixing issues oh no.
This update will feature:
The Order of Light, Sintra admirer path completed with new endings;
The Order of Light, beginnings of the demon path; serve your new queen in conquering the world.
Niltaru and Hilde are sent to deal with Tear to put an end to her wayward ways and bring her back to the path of proper demonic servitude.

Tales of Ameria: A graphic update, featuring a Hentai-CG for the third Gameover path, Lesbian Mistress Xenthia, sample below!

Next week/Patreon update: Deva stopped lazing about and finished TLDH 0.72, with socializing resting place lewdities.

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  1. Whenever I return to the demon gate town it restarts the quest.