Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tales of Ameria

In my newest game, Tales of Ameria you slip into the shoes of Julia, a young investigator for the ASP, Agency of Supernatural Phenomena who look into claims of supernatural sightings like demons, spirits, or metahumans around the world. In this first adventure, Julia returns from her vacation, looking into suspicious rumours involving trouble in a hospital. Will she be able to find out whats going on in time, or will she fall victim to mysterious influences and become the cursed hospitals newest victim?
In the current build, you will be able to take your first steps on your journey.
Leading Julia from her return until her first days of working as a nurse. There is currently one of three types of work to be done there.
The ER is patiently awaiting Julia to serve their patients in all kinds of kinky pleasures. The not yet released parts of the hospital will be a fun time with a lesbian nurse inside the surgery room, the other one will lead you to the ward, turning down all of the naugthy requests of the patients, or maybe give in to them?
Currently there will be also a little side quest for a massage parlor where you can take a heavenly good massage from a skilled masseuse. He may lead Julia to a more fullfilling live as a prositute like masseuse.
The last bad end that I have in the game right now is a pervert inside a convenience store, looking for new girls to enter his gravure Idol harem.
The menu is pretty bare bones and I will add more and more things for the player to look at.
I will add a corruption and brainwash menu, a way to see what day it currently is and definitly create a playback room to see all of the naughties you have already seen ingame
I hope you will enjoy my game and help me make it into an even greater game then the order!
feel free to improve it xD

Next weeks/patreon release: A little, fully playable CYOA from Deva.


  1. Black screen after trying to start working on the first day...

  2. Some bugs I found in the beginning area:

    1) If you talk to the old lady on the couch on the first floor, a sleep bubble appears over Julia that should probably appear over the old lady.

    2) If you enter the Human Resources room on the first floor, the text loops endlessly, locking up the game.

    3) There is no way out of the Meeting Room on the first floor.

  3. More bugs:

    1) If you try to get a massage before going home for the first time, the game will lock up when Julia enters the massage room.

    2) If you defeat the gravure creep, the game loops endlessly at the reward sequence.

  4. cant get outside the office? its seem "now loading screen" take forever

  5. Well sounds promising but again so many bugs, specially one turning the screen all black when you talk to the nurse at the reception for your first day of work ... And never returning it to normal view. So impossible to play.

  6. game still buggy lite and large version

  7. @All: Aggra is aware of the buggyness.. more or less, threw the comments at 'im, also an updated version is online, and is working steadily on improving the game, please keep your reports precise with -what- happens -where-.

  8. The molesting scene at the bar (right after taking the bus to home). It looks like one person is talking by himself sprite-wise. Exclamation pops up indicating 3 people, but only the leader exists.
    Typo saying 'cusor' not 'cursor' when mentioning the door to the home.
    Another invisible sprite for Lina at the first introduction.
    Room entry bug at the hospital: On the second floor, after sleeping the first night, when you try to enter the room with a brown door (2 left from the column of 3 blue chairs), the first time you try to enter, you get teleported back out of the same room. The second time you try to enter, you get teleported to in front of the room right of the room you were just at. You never get to actually enter the room with the brown door.
    You cannot leave the room with multiple curtain on the second floor (very right room, next to the column of blue chairs).
    You can get stuck on the sofa on the second floor right at the entry way: After waking up the first night, if you proceed to move along the bottom wall and hit the sofa as the monologue pops up, after you close the chat box, you cannot move.
    You can infinite loop the nurse intro if you keep going to the third floor after waking up the first night.
    Black screen of death when trying to work the first day (talking to the front desk nurse)