Wednesday, March 1, 2017


-Aggra did a big bugfix update to the full version of the Order, moar tinkering to come! Just re-download the game file.


  1. I'm getting a 'Game Interpreter' line 450 TypeError, nil can't be coerced when into Fixnum, I escape the cell in the slave training.

  2. Still the same error at the slave event, when I try to leave the cell after digging, it crashes.

  3. I can escape the cell without any issues on my end so its a faulty old save on your end, presumambly.

    1. I have noticed that a build was uploaded on March 3rd that is different than the build that was uploaded on March 1st. In the March 3rd build, anytime you enter the world map after having passed the point in the game where you report the slave camp to the border guards, you are warped to the slave camp, including whenever you try to leave the slave camp. The first time you are warped to the slave camp in this way, a message will pop up.

      If you skipped past the slave camp in a New Game, Niltaru will say she needs to find the keys to rescue Hilde (who is in your party). You can get the Prison Key, but it won't do you any good.

      If you escaped the slave camp without skipping it, Hilde tells Niltaru she "senses a strange magical aura on the west side of the city". While this comment could be about at least two different things in the slave camp, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be about the Capital and Tear's Dungeon.

      Either way, once this warp happens, you become stuck in the now-deserted slave camp with no means of escape, as trying to leave the camp will just cause you to be warped back inside, and investigating the magical objects in the slave camp will give you a Game Over.

      I also noticed that when escaping the slave camp, if Hilde has had too many sessions with the Curse Slaver, she will refuse to leave when you try to rescue her. I am not sure if that event is new to this build or not, but I noticed that the game locks up in this build when this occurs.

    2. Well, could you upload a save that is past the slave part? Or at least the cell?

  4. A few questions:

    Is anyone able to get to Tear's Dungeon without skipping to it from a New Game? If so, are there prerequisites to doing so?

    Also, is anyone else having an issue with entering Odin's Castle after beating Sintra & Darkma after clearing Tear's Dungeon? Is this because I skipped to it on a New Game? (See earlier question) This seems to be the only route to not give a bad end, but as far as I can tell, it is impossible to complete.