Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Last Demonhunter 0.61

-Desert Town completed (small entrance town only, bigger one coming soon!)
-Lost Slimey encounter IV added
-Interlude/Storytime IV, added and remastered with lewdities depending on the respective companion you chose to go with.
-Weird bug fixed

~Enjoy! Next update: Order of Light final release is slowly approaching, endings for the normal path are coming!


  1. Thanks for the update but it looks like the download link is broken. It's coming up mediafire didn't send any data or something. Anyway thanks again for the update.

  2. You know I'm still always a little giddy when I see updates for this. This was one of my very first games in this... genre and I loved then and still love now that it's got a strong narrative focus. Keep up the great work!

    1. Aww, why thank you. I wouldn't say it has gotten more of a stronger narrative focus now, I simply have grown -better- at doing a narrative focus and am not overwhelmed by the programming aspect of it, simply having a few notes on how the story will go and pulling through with those helps a lot.

  3. Just a question, back in the early builds I manage to get the skill "engulf" without turning into a slimegirl for reasons I have forgotten now. I just played a recent version but could no longer get it, is this still in the game?