Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Order of Light 3.8

We are nearing the final stretch. For the order of light. In this release you can enter the capital with a new bad ending if you are brainwashed by Sintra, one if you defeat the princess but lose afterwards and one if you defeat the character after the princess.
The true ending is still in the working, though the first encounter for it is finished already as well. Once the true ending is completed alternate paths (Sintra/Demon ally) will be explored.

The next release will be for TLDH and focus on the beginning of the desert area.


  1. i keep having a problem with the slaver part of the game. even starting a new game and skipping to the content is says that i can't escape because it's not implemented. and if your supposed to be able to bypass this by not sleeping in the inn and leaving the town it keeps sending me to the other side of the ocean.

  2. When trying to leave the slave training area through the hole it gives a
    "Script 'Game_Interpereter'line 450: TyperError occured.
    nil can't be coerced into Fixnum"
    Error regardless of which type of training you go with and crashes the game, so you can't progress.

  3. Can't wait for that Sintra route.

    Also, I seem to get some bugs with the slave prison part. First one is just mild annoyance, when Nil do some lewd stuff, the sound effect got stuck and keep playing even after the scene end. The second one actually block me from progressing the game as I get an error when I'm escaping from the prison through the hole. The error that I got is "Script 'Game_Interpreter' line:450 occurred. nil can't be coerced into Fixnum."

  4. getting the bug where on the arousal route in slave training at the inn, Niltaru wakes up in Bernstien at the castle with Rosa

  5. It still "fixnum" errors when trying to use hole of cell to the escape tunnel in slaver sequence.

  6. I've directed your concerns @Aggra though wish to remind you that theres also a bug report forum to get things done in a more orderly and thus for us easier to fix fashion.

  7. I posted mentioning a whole bunch of bugs on the topic for this game on the forum topic for this game, but never got a response. I guess I should post them on the bug reports forum you have for "The Last Demonhunter", which is also being used for this game?

    1. I've copied those bugs over, but yes, if you post in a forums topic there is a fair chance we'll only see it once we get to a new release, can't keep up with everything everywhere and the order topic on ULMF remained quiet for quite a while.

  8. since I toom am stuck with the bug at the slave training area, I tried getting to the recent content on the Demon path, however since my last time they finished the lust trial and I have no idea how to do it, can someone give me a hint please?