Saturday, April 23, 2016

An Elven Tale of Submission - Complete game

Version 1.01 here: is a complete, Twine CYOA short story with three possible endings. If anyone catches any typos or buggey misshaps tell me, and I'll update the game, other than that I consider it complete.

Short story synposis: Rosalind, the elvish princess is sent to honor a human warlock that helped her people. Little does she know said warlock has plans for her.. and her entire people.

Fetishes: Male dom, Fem Sub, Mind control, Bimbofication, Oral fixation, tentacles, Mild BDSM.

If people enjoy this I can see making more of these little naughty stories in the future.. though of course not too often, I do want TLDH Development to progress steadily. ^^ 

Programming ~ Deva
Writing ~ Deva, Obediant Tara 

Made with Twine 1.4


  1. This was a lot of fun. I love elvish sluts.

  2. This was a nice story, but I would have wanted an ending, where the princess won.

  3. Loved it, would love to see more of these (Especially if they aren't too much of a pain to create)