Sunday, November 15, 2015

RPG Maker MV Test game - Saint Marcus

Hello, Aggra here:

Saint Marcus is a School full of aspiering magicans and their helping familiars. Lately however there have been strange rumors going around about People stealing familiars! Just what is the goal of these strange thefts and Can you stop whoever is behind it all? Will you be able to save your friend's familiar and thwart the thieves plans? Who would rob poor mages of their companions anyway? Hurry to stop what is going on, or the world around you might start to Change and affect you as well!

For those curious, I think that  the newest rpg maker has much more potential than VX Ace, but is still laking in scripts/plugins. Also the charmaker rocks!

It is only a short demo, where I tested all kinds of features the RPGmaker and the Yanfly Plugins introduced.
I hope you have fun with the game, I am still unsure if I will continue this story, but if you like it give me a comment ;)

Find the game here:  Saint Marcus


  1. I got the blew up their base end and the brother's pet end. Both were very enjoyably. The combat was pretty meh though. On the other route either sleep or hang out with the BF every day for quite a long while got very tedious. Some dialog changed sometimes only in the classroom except for the pres and vice pres, but that's only once. I guess it's fine for a demo or more accurately a test of the new RPG maker I guess since you don't seem to know if are going to continue.

  2. I'm having a real hard time opening doors. Eventually they'll open, but I can't really determine what's triggering it. The Enter key is generally not working and I'm having trouble getting into the study right at the beginning.

  3. Interestering start! I would like to see more.. though.. Maid castle? *giggles* where in the world is that? I gotta see this..

  4. Is there any way for the player to change the controls in RPG maker MV games? In XP/VX you could do it by pressing F1, but that doesn't seem to work any more. I've never really used standard RPGM controls before, so now having the cancel/menu button to the right of the action/confirm button is tripping me up something awful.

  5. I only just recently got exposed to ganguro, but from what I see I rather like it. The idea of a time limit and having other people getting corrupted as the days go by is super cool, though I suspect that it will be super hard to program for all the different interactions.

  6. Please i beg you to continue this has soooooo much potetial.
    I just love it

  7. Really late to the party on this but I thought it was a cool idea. Here's hoping it sees some more thought in the 41st millennium when The Order of Light, and the rest are complete....

    *That was a joke. I freaking love you guys.*

    1. Aggra says 'Burn the heretic!' I say, thanks.. we're aiming for the 37th millenium.

  8. I really enjoyed the demo for Saint Marcus... Do you plan on doing more with it?