Saturday, October 17, 2015

Order of Light update -

Added a new game over if you already enslaved Felicia.
Now you can go to her and recieve and item to start
your descend into enslavery.

Also added a new extended ending if you lose to the
angel at the end of the fortress. I have not completed it
since I wanted to gather some oppinions on how I
want to complete it. Take a look at my blog for more information.


  1. thanks for your continued work

  2. The bird of ill omen is back ^^

    1) a bug during the fight against Zermiva and Maria (but I think it also has to crash against the angel) when used with Hildegard Prayer, the fate crash the game when it arrives on Tear.

    2) In the new purpose with the angel in the texts there is a mistake. This indicates that the angel leads Niltaru and Tear, instead of Hildegard and Tear.

  3. Bug at Bernia, the bunny girl club. Took some corruption on Hilde, get an error: 'Unable to find file: Graphics/Faces/Actor2-2a Bunny'.

  4. Bug when in the east island, after the ship crossing and mermaids. Caught by the mother, the ending text(Now all they need are husbands themselves...) doesn't lead to Game Over. Have to close the whole thing down.

  5. Hive segment is utterly broken. Kill her or not, the battle segment keeps re-triggering; an infinite loop till you submit.

  6. Another bug. In the sewers after Hild finishes vessel training,. encounter a nun. Battle. Casting Prayer got me:'Unable to find file: Graphics/Characters/Tear_States'.

  7. I'm the 'unknown' who left the October 27th bugs.

    ...If the Angel at the end of the shrine is meant to be weak, that's one thing. But it's doing basically zilch for damage. 1 and the occasional 12. That's surprisingly pitiful.

    ...Who is Felicia?